Report No. : GEO Report No. 255

Report Title : Collaborative Research on Testing of Alkali Silica Reactivity Investigation into Curing Facilities for Accelerated Concrete Prism Test (2010), 45 p.

Author : W.S. Chiang


Clause 4.6 of RILEM TC - ARP/01/20 "Detection of Potential Alkali-Reactivity, Accelerated Method for Aggregate Combinations and Concrete Mix Designs Using Concrete Prisms" (AAR4) specifies a detailed design of curing storage for the test. However, the proposed design is complicated and expensive. It may not be commercially viable for Hong Kong local situation. This study is to investigate any room for improvement and explore possible alternative equipment for curing storage.

The Study concluded that inside a container, as long as the temperature of the water can be maintained at 60 ± 2oC and is not less than the temperature of the air, the relative humidity inside the container will be very high and above 95%. It is not necessary to follow the design of reactor and container specified in AAR4 straightly.

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