Report No. : GEO Report No. 249

Report Title : Ground Control for Slurry TBM Tunnelling (2009), 57 p.

Author : Golder Associates (HK) Ltd.


In 2007, the Geotechnical Engineering Office retained Golder Associates (HK) Ltd to provide expert advice in relation to tunnelling. One of the tasks identified was to provide advice on the ground control of slurry TBM tunnelling. A report was prepared to provide guidelines for the auditing of the design calculations and work procedures relating to ground control during slurry TBM tunnelling in Hong Kong. There have been a number of major reports on pressurised TBM tunnelling in recent years including BTS/ICE (2005) and publications by international and national tunnelling associations (see ITA WG-14 (2007)). It is not intended to duplicate the general advice given in these documents, but to provide more specific guidelines on issues relating to ground control for slurry TBM tunnelling in Hong Kong. The focus of the report is on key issues that affect the magnitude of ground movement due to tunnelling, and therefore the potential impact on third parties.

This GEO Report is an update of the Golder report following review and amendment. It should be used as a guide only. The content of this GEO Report may require further updating as more experience in slurry TBM tunnelling and performance data in local ground conditions become available. Users applying the guidance in this GEO Report should take into account the actual ground conditions, the monitoring and controls available for ground control in the TBM chosen for the project, and the specific risks that the TBM will introduce, in preparing the design calculations, risk registers and work procedures, and in planning the risk mitigation measures and contingency plans for ground control. In all cases, the risk owner and key personnel assigned to control ground risk posed by the TBM operation must be clearly identified, and experienced tunnelling and geotechnical professionals must be employed to carry out and take responsibility for the design, site supervision and risk management.

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