Report No. : GEO Report No. 243

Report Title : High-Level Coastal Deposits in Hong Kong (2009), 47 p.

Author : J.C.F. Wong & R. Shaw


The Geotechnical Engineering Office is currently updating the series of 1:20,000 scale geological maps of Hong Kong (published between 1986 and 1996), using the wealth of additional borehole, survey and analytical data that has been gathered over subsequent years.

This report summarises the findings of a comprehensive review of the high-level coastal deposits in Hong Kong, which was carried out by members of the Geological Survey Section of Planning Division as part of the current 1:20,000 scale map updating and digitisation programme. The study, which includes a re-assessment of the previously mapped high-level coastal deposits and an associated literature review, re-evaluates the elevation, geographical location and morphology of the previously mapped features with the parallel objectives of revising the classification and standardising the terminology that is used both on the updated geological maps and in the associated reports.

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