Report No. : GEO Report No. 205

Report Title : Factual Report on Hong Kong Rainfall and Landslides in 2004 (2007), 59 p.

Author : A.F.H. Ng & T.H.H. Hui


This report presents a summary of the factual information on rainfall and landslides in Hong Kong throughout 2004. Rainfall information was obtained from the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) and the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO). Details of most of the landslides were obtained from the records of incidents reported to the GEO.

Rainfall at the HKO's Principal Raingauge at Tsim Sha Tsui in 2004 amounted to 1739 mm. This was about 21% lower than the mean rainfall of 2214 mm recorded between 1961 and 1990, and it was the seventeenth driest year in Hong Kong since records began in 1884. One Black Rainstorm Warning and two Red Rainstorm Warnings were issued on 8 May 2004, and 16 Amber Rainstorm Warnings were issued between 30 March 2004 and 21 September 2004.

Two Landslip Warnings were issued between 17 July 2004 and 29 August 2004. A total of 74 incidents that occurred in 2004 was reported to the Government. Of these, 69 were classified as genuine landslides. Of the 69 genuine landslides, one was a major failure with a failure volume of about 350 m3.

No injury or fatality was reported as a result of the landslide incidents that occurred in 2004. Notable consequences of the landslides included the temporary evacuation of three squatter dwellings. Four landslides resulted in the temporary closure of sections of roads and footpaths.

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