Report No. : GEO Report No. 200

Report Title : The 25 August 2003 Rockfall on Slope No. 7SW-C/C362 at Route Twisk near Tsuen Kam Interchange Tsuen Wan (2007), 48 p.

Author : Maunsell Geotechnical Services Limited


This report presents the findings of a review of a rockfall incident (Incident No. 2003/08/0170), which occurred on a soil/rock cut slope (No. 7SW-C/C362) at Route Twisk near Tsuen Kam Interchange, Tsuen Wan. The incident involved the detachment of about 8 m3 of rock blocks and the displacement of a further 8 m3 of rock fragments. Most of the detached rock blocks landed on an intermediate berm and about 0.5 m3 of rock debris was deposited on the pedestrian pavement at the slope toe. The pedestrian pavement was temporarily closed as a result of the incident. No casualties were reported.

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