Report No. : GEO Report No. 188

Report Title : Report on the Fei Tsui Road Landslide of 13 August 1995 (2006), 147 p. (Bilingual)

Author : Sir John Knill & Geotechnical Engineering Office


On 13 August 1995, a landslide occurred at the slope opposite Chai Wan Baptist Church, Fei Tsui Road, and resulted in one fatality and one injury. The landslide involved the sudden collapse of part of registered cut slope No. 11SE-D/C42 and the land above the crest of the cut slope adjacent to the Chai Wan Salt Water Service Reservoir.

A comprehensive investigation into the landslide was carried out by the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) during the period August to December 1995. This detailed study included review of documentary information, analysis of rainfall records, interviews with witnesses to the landslide, site survey, ground investigation, examination of the role of the service reservoir and the water main system in the landslide, theoretical stability analyses and diagnosis of the causes of failure.

The investigation concluded that the landslide was probably primarily caused by an increase in water pressure in an extensive and weak layer of clayey soil in the slope, following the extremely heavy and prolonged rainfall that preceded the failure.

Details of the investigation and its findings are given in this report on the landslide.

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