Report No. : GEO Report No. 182

Report Title : Use of Standardized Debris-resisting Barriers for Mitigation of Natural Terrain Landslide Hazards (2006), 92 p.

Author : H.W. Sun & T.T.M. Lam


New developments on or close to steep natural hillsides in Hong Kong, together with the need to react to known natural terrain landslide hazards posed to existing developments, have created a growing demand for natural terrain hazard assessments as well as the design and construction of the necessary landslide mitigation works. The detailed design of a debris-resisting barrier can be a technically demanding and time consuming process. Suitably conservative, standardised modules of debris resisting barriers, together with a technical design framework, have been formulated by applying, and extending where appropriate, the methodology proposed by Lo (2000). These measures may be prescribed for a given site without the need for detailed investigation of the hillside, debris runout modelling and detailed structural design, and provide a simplified approach to deal with relatively small design events.

This Report presents the guidelines on the use of standardised debris resisting barriers to mitigate potential natural terrain landslide hazards. Various types of standardised barriers are available to suit a range of natural hillside profiles and design events. The standardised modules of debris-resisting barriers are applicable for mitigation of channelised debris flows of up to 600 m3 and open hillslope landslides of up to a 100 m3.

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