Report No. : GEO Report No. 163

Report Title : Detailed Study of the 15 September 2002 Landslide on Slope No. 7SE-C/CR323 behind Nos. 11 to 16 Ngau Pei Sha New Village, Sha Tin (2005), 74 p.

Author : Maunsell Geotechnical Services Limited


This report presents the findings of a detailed study of a landslide incident (GEO Incident No. 2002/09/0092), which occurred on slope No. 7SE-C/CR323 behind houses Nos. 11 to 16 Ngau Pei Sha New Village, Sha Tin at about 4:30 a.m. on 15 September 2002, when a Landslip Warning and a Red Rainstorm Warning were hoisted. The landslide involved a failure volume of about 50 m3 and the landslide debris piled up against houses Nos. 14 and 15 as high as the first storey of the 3-storey high houses. Houses Nos. 11 to 16 were temporarily evacuated but no casualties were reported as a result of the landslide.

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