Report No. : GEO Report No. 161

Report Title : Guidelines on the Use of Prescriptive Measures for Rock Cut Slopes (2005), 31 p.

Author : Y.F. Yu, C.K. Siu & W.K. Pun


Since the publication of GEO Report No. 56 "Application of Prescriptive Measures to Soil Cut Slopes" in October 1996, there have been continuous development to improve the guidelines and to extend the scope of application of prescriptive measures. This Report presents guidelines on the use of different items of prescriptive measures for rock slopes.

Prescriptive measures have been widely used in rock slope stabilisation works in Hong Kong for many years. The guidelines given in this report aim at rationalising the current practice and achieving consistency in the designs between different designers.

Prescriptive measures for use in rock cut slopes can be classified into four types according to their design objectives and can be applied for preventive maintenance, urgent repair and upgrading of existing slopes. The qualifying criteria for applying prescriptive measure item of rock dowels as upgrading works for treating potentially unstable blocks are given in this Report. There are no qualifying criteria for the application of other items of prescriptive measures to rock cut slopes.

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