Report No. : GEO Report No. 146

Report Title : Factual Report on Hong Kong Rainfall and Landslides in 2001 (2004), 88 p.

Author : T.T.M. Lam


This report presents the factual information on rainfall and landslides in Hong Kong in 2001. Rainfall information was obtained from the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) automatic raingauge system and from the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO). Most of the landslide data were obtained from the records of incidents reported to the GEO. Supplementary information was collected by the GEO's 2001 landslide investigation consultants.

Rainfall at the HKO's Principal Raingauge at Tsim Sha Tsui in 2001 amounted to 3091.8 mm, which ranked the fourth highest in terms of annual rainfall since records began in 1884. One Black Rainstorm Warning was issued on 1 September 2001 and Red Rainstorm Warnings were issued on nine occasions between 8 June 2001 and 7 September 2001.

Eight Landslip Warnings were issued between 6 June 2001 and 8 September 2001. A total of 227 incidents that occurred in 2001 were reported to the GEO. Of these, 214 were classified as genuine landslides, 16 of which were major failures (i.e. with a failure volume of 50 m3 or more, or where a fatality has occurred). No fatalities were reported but a rockfall incident resulted in two injuries. The consequences resulting from the landslides included the permanent evacuation of 15 squatters and the temporary evacuation of 33 squatters and six houses. Twenty-three landslides resulted in closure of sections of roads and thirteen landslides resulted in closure of sections of pedestrian pavements, footpaths and other forms of minor foot and vehicular access.

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