Report No. : GEO Report No. 142

Report Title : Tung Chung East Natural Terrain Study Area Ground Movement and Groundwater Monitoring Equipment and Preliminary Results (2003), 104 p. plus 1 drg.

Author : N.C. Evans & J.S. Lam


An area of natural terrain above the North Lantau Expressway, east of Tung Chung on Lantau Island, has been monitored since the summer of 1999. The site is being studied to collect time-stamped data on ground movements, groundwater and rainfall. The objective of this work is to improve understanding of the factors affecting stability in this type of terrain, and to assist with the development of landslip warning algorithms and natural terrain hazard assessment methodologies.

Monitoring at the site is continuing. This report documents the work carried out and the data obtained up to the end of 2001. A possible ground model for the site is discussed. The monitoring techniques used are described and assessed, and some preliminary observations regarding rainfall, groundwater and pore pressures at the site are presented.

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