Report No. : GEO Report No. 139

Report Title : Enhancing the Reliability and Robustness of Engineered Slopes (2003), 63 p.

Author : K.K.S. Ho, H.W. Sun & T.H.H. Hui


One of the key findings of the systematic landslide investigation programme is that there is room for improvement in further reducing the failure rate of engineered slopes (i.e. slopes with geotechnical engineering input and geotechnical submissions processed by the slope safety system as conforming to the required design standards).

This report documents the key lessons learnt from studies of failures on engineered slopes and observations made from a preliminary review of the prevailing slope engineering practice in respect of man-made slopes in Hong Kong. Areas deserving attention in order to enhance the reliability and robustness of engineered slopes are identified and suggestions are made to improve the slope engineering practice.

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