Report No. : GEO Report No. 136

Report Title : Guidelines on Safe Access for Slope Maintenance (2003), 77 p.

Author : J.S. Lam, C.K. Siu & Y.C. Chan


This report presents guidelines on the design of safe access for slope maintenance, taking into consideration three major aspects: safety, visual quality and security.

Slope maintenance, which is vital to the continued stability of slopes, often involves working at height. The first part of this report focuses on the provision of safe access for slope maintenance, taking into consideration the requirements of the law. A wide range of methods, some in the form of permanent access and others ad hoc measures, are identified for access provision. The hierarchy for selection of safe access methods was also discussed.

Some components of the safe access may reduce the visual quality of the slope and its surroundings. Basic guidelines on making these access provisions as inconspicuous as possible are provided.

Access installed on a slope may lead to trespassing, causing concerns on invasion of privacy and safety of the trespassers. Measures to discourage such act are discussed in the later part of the report.

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