Report No. : GEO Report No. 101

Report Title : Cavern Area Study of Kowloon (2000), 37 p. plus 1 drg.

Author : K.J. Roberts & P.A. Kirk


Chapter 11 of the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines includes Guidelines for Underground Rock Cavern Development. Since the introduction of these guidelines, which were endorsed by LDPC in September 1991, three Cavern Area Studies have been completed for the North Lantau Area (1992), Hong Kong Island West (1993) and Hong Kong Island East (1994).

This Cavern Area Study considers the potential of the terrain in the Kowloon urban area for the development of underground space using man-made rock caverns. It differs from previous studies in that the maps are computer generated. Much of the required input data are now available in digital format, and have been incorporated into a Geographic Information System (GIS) and manipulated by means of simple queries to form a Cavern Area Study Map.

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