Report No. : GEO Report No. 83

Report Title : Testing of Dredged Material for Marine Disposal (1999), 74 p.

Author : EVS Environment Consultants


This report provides guidance on environmental laboratory procedures consistent with the chemical and biological analyses being recommended as part of the TTS, focusing on the subset of priority contaminants of concern (COCs) for which interim sediment quality values (ISQVs) have been developed. Specific objectives were to:

Methods for performing chemical analyses for priority COCs identified for Hong Kong and biological screening tests were described. Suggested techniques for further biological assessment were also outlined. Although government and commercial laboratories in Hong Kong generally met requirements of the TTS for metal analysis, their current capabilities may not support the TTS requirements for organic analysis. There are currently no commercial laboratories in Hong Kong that perform sediment bioassay tests, so these tests will have to be performed elsewhere until capabilities can be developed.

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