Report No. : GEO Report No. 74

Report Title : Natural Terrain Landslide Study the Natural Terrain Landslide Inventory (1999), 127 p.

Author : J.P. King


The first phase of the Natural Terrain Landslide Study (NTLS) was the creation of an inventory of natural terrain landslides in Hong Kong (NTLI). The basic data was compiled from interpretation of high level aerial photographs presented on 1:5000 scale maps that show the location of all the identified natural terrain landslides. A report was produced for each map sheet with additional data on each landslide and general comments on the ground covered by the sheet. This data was digitised to form the basis of a geographical information system (GIS) for analysis of the survey results.

This report describes the compilation and digitisation of the Inventory. The development of the study is outlined in Section 2 and the API methodology is given in detail in Section 3. Digitisation and validation of the API maps and reports is detailed in Section 4. Sections 5 and 6 describe the recognition factor study and the revegetation study, two ancillary API studies that were carried out to help assess the frequency of landsliding. Section 7 explains some limitations of the NTLI and Section 8 lists its documentation.

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