Report No. : GEO Report No. 65

Report Title : Seismic Hazard Analysis of the Hong Kong Region (1998), 145 p. (Bilingual), (Reprinted, 2002)

Author : C.F. Lee, Y.Z. Ding, R.H. Huang, Y.B. Yu, G.A. Guo, P.L. Chen & X.H. Huang


Based on the results of previous investigations, the present study evaluates and re-assesses the potential source zones for the Hong Kong region and the related seismic ground motion parameters. The attenuation relations proposed by various investigations are compared and analyzed. The computation results thus obtained in the present study are compared to those of others for adjacent regions. Uncertainty analyses were then conducted.

The main conclusion of the present study is that the peak acceleration on bedrock is in the range of 75 - 115 gal for the Hong Kong region, corresponding to a probability of exceedance of 10% over a return period of 50 years. For Kowloon sites, this value is in the order of 92.7 gal. The seismic intensity of the region is rated as VII.

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