Report No. : GEO Report No. 59

Report Title : Hong Kong Rainfall and Landslides in 1995 (1997), 125 p. plus 1 drg.

Author : C.K.L. Wong


This report presents a review of the rainfall and landslides in Hong Kong in 1995 and provides details of the notable landslides. Rainfall at the Royal Observatory in 1995 was 24% higher than the Hong Kong annual average. The intense rainfalls in July, August and October brought most of the rainfall. Six Landslip Warnings were issued in 1995. There were 295 genuine landslides reported to the GEO. The landslides resulted in four fatalities and ten injuries. According to the data given in GEO's landslide inspection reports, and supplementary information provided by GEO's District Divisions, the damages resulting from these incidents are: temporary evacuation of 30 squatter huts, permanent evacuation of 87 squatter huts, five buildings, eight houses and 53 flats and blockage of 163 sections of road, pedestrian pavement and access. About 28% of the landslides were judged to be related to poor slope maintenance.

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