Report No. : GEO Report No. 56

Report Title : Application of Prescriptive Measures to Soil Cut Slopes (1996), 52 p.

Author : H.N. Wong, L.S. Pang, A.C.W. Wong, W.K. Pun & Y.F. Yu


Improvement works to slopes and retaining walls may be designed, as an alternative to using the conventional analytical methods, by the prescriptive approach. This approach entails the use of prescriptive measures, which are pre-determined, experience-based, and suitably conservative modules of works prescribed without detailed ground investigations and design analyses. Given due recognition of and allowance for the limitations in the use of prescriptive measures, the prescriptive approach provides an efficient and practical means of improvement to slopes and retaining walls. The approach is particularly useful for improving the large number of old manmade slopes and retaining walls in Hong Kong.

Various types of prescriptive measures have been developed for soil cut slopes and masonry retaining walls based on studies of Hong Kong practice in slope improvement works and case histories on conventional analytical design for the Landslip Preventive Measures Programme being implemented by the Geotechnical Engineering Office. In this Report, the scope of application of a range of items of prescriptive measures, as preventive maintenance, urgent repair and upgrading works, is recommended. Typical details of the recommended items of work are presented, and the procedures for their use are described. Guidelines on the prescriptive use of vegetation cover for improving the appearance and reducing the risk of surface erosion of soil cut slopes are also given.

The report serves to present a recommended standard of good practice for applying prescriptive measures to improvement works on soil cut slopes and masonry retaining walls.

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