Report No. : GEO Report No. 27

Report Title : Landslips Caused by the June 1983 Rainstorm (1993), 124 p. (Reprinted, 1995)

Author : E.B. Choot


This report serve as a factual documentation of the effect of the intense rainstorm of 17 June 1983 on slopes in Hong Kong and the associated damages and disruptions caused by landslip incidents. In summary, the June 1983 rainstorm was the most severe rainstorm of 1983. Within a 5-hour period in the morning of 17 June, 274.4mm of rainfall, the most intense 5-hour rainfall on record since June 1966, was recorded at the Royal Observatory in Tsim Sha Tsui. The records available at Government Offices and Departments concerned showed that there were approximately 409 reports of landslip incidents and 407 reports of flooding incidents related to the rainstorm. 160 of those landslip incidents were reported to and inspected by the Geotechnical Control Office (GCO) and the damages resulting from these incidents are: 149 squatter huts and 21 permanent buildings were evacuated, and 30 sections of road were partially or totally closed.

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