Report No. : GEO Report No. 16

Report Title : Earthquake Resistance of Buildings and Marine Reclamation Fills in Hong Kong (1992), 48 p. (Reprinted, 1995)

Author : W.K. Pun


This report consists of two Technical Notes on the resistance of engineering structures in Hong Kong to earthquakes.

They are present in two separate sections in this Report. Their tiles are as follows:

Section 1 documents a brief review of literature relating to liquefaction of marine reclamation fills due to seismic loading and vibration from other sources. The phenomenon of liquefaction is discussed and the relevant properties of marine sand fills are described. The results of a preliminary assessment of the liquefaction potential of the marine sand fill at two sites at the Kai Tak Airport are presented. The assessment suggests that extensive liquefaction of the marine sand fills at the two sites is very unlikely. A bibliography of selected useful reference is also given.

Section 2 consists of a short study carried out to compare the relative magnitude of wind load and seismic load on buildings in Hong Kong, using peak ground accelerations derived from a recent seismic hazard analysis. A review of a number of other factors can affect the earthquake resistance of buildings apart from loading is also given. Amongst the factors, site amplification due to geology and soil conditions, the shape and structural form of the building and the provisions of ductility are particularly important.

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