Report No. : GEO Report No. 15

Report Title : Assessment of Stability of Slopes Subjected to Blasting Vibration (1992), 112 p. (Reprinted, 1995)

Author : H.N. Wong & P.L.R. Pang


This GEO Report consists of two Special Project Reports on the assessment of stability of soil and rock slopes subject to blasting vibration. They are presented in two separate sections in this Report. Their titles are as follows:

This report documents the formulation of an energy approach and the pseudo-static approach for assessing the stability of rock slopes and soil slopes respectively subjected to blasting vibration. Based on the principle of conservation of energy, the proposed Energy Approach has been found to be simple to apply and gives consistent and realistic results. The proposed pseudo-static method offers a major improvement to the ordinary pseudo-static method by taking the dynamic excess pore water pressure into account in the analysis. The methods have been found to be simple to apply and give consistent and realistic results.

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