Report No. : GEO Report No. 6

Report Title : (Hong Kong) Rainfall and Landslides in 1989 (1991), 114 p. plus 1 drg. (Reprinted, 1995)

Author : K.L. Siu


This report presents a general review of rainfall and landslides in 1989, and provides details of the notable landslides. In summary, rainfall during 1989 can be considered as quite exceptional. Although the annual total of 1,945 mm was broadly comparable with the average amount of 2,225 mm, much more than the average rain fell in April and May, while the monthly totals from June to December were all lower than average. The rainfall in May was particularly notable. The monthly total was the fourth highest on record for Mar and the maximum hourly rainfall on 2nd May was the highest ever recorded for May. Over the whole year, three Landslide Warnings were issued. 620 landslides and related incidents were reported to the GCO District Divisions and the damages resulting from these incidents are: two persons were killed and eight injured, 334 huts were evacuated, 17 buildings were partially closed and 121 sections of road/access were blocked. Most of these incidents occurred during the two heaviest storms of the year on 1st-2nd May and 20-21th May and Landslide Warnings were issued on both occasions.

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