Report No. : GEO Report No. 1

Report Title : (Hong Kong) Rainfall and Landslides in 1984 (1991), 91 p. plus 1 drg. (Reprinted, 1995)

Author : J. Premchitt


This report presents a general review of rainfall and landslides in 1984, and provides details of the notable landslides. In summary, rainfall amounts for various durations during 1984 can generally be considered as normal in comparison with previous years. Over the whole year, 120 landslide and related incidents were reported to the GCO District Divisions and the damages resulting from these incidents are: one person injured, 168 huts evacuated, five buildings partially closed and 22 sections of road and access closed. Most of these damages occurred during or shortly after rainstorms. The three most intense and damaging storms occurred on 30th May, 16th June and 11th October. The Landslip Warning was issued on each of these three occasions.

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