Report No. : -

Report Title : Test Request Forms for Laboratory Testing

Author : Geotechnical Engineering Office


The followings are the test request forms for Laboratory testing.

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Form No. Item
--- Public Works Laboratories Test Directory (368KB)
--- Cement Circular (394KB)
--- Steel Bar Circular (7.04MB)
--- PWL List of Contractors for Concrete Testing (38KB)
--- PWL List of Contractors for Reinforcing Steel Testing (29KB)
--- Procedures for Application of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Test (1.803MB)
--- Test Request for TDR of Soil Nails (Appendix C of TDR Test) (1.416MB)
--- As-built Length of Soil Nails (Appendix D of TDR Test) (3.054MB)
--- Technical Assessment Form for Specialist Contractors (105KB)
--- Work Index Values for Tests in Public Works Regional Laboratories (28KB)


Registration Form for Testing of Construction Materials  (2.50MB)
2112 Testing Request for Bituminous Materials (295KB)
2113 Testing Request for Aggregates  (834KB)
2115 Test Request for Insitu Testing for Road Surface  (119KB)
2117 Test Request for Aggregates in accordance with CS3  (1.5MB)
2119 Request Form for Pure Bitumen Tests  (960KB)
2309 Compression Test Request for Concrete Cubes (3.16MB)
2313 Compression Test Request for Concrete Cores (813KB)
2320 Guidance Notes on the Use of Security Labels (1882KB)
2322 Testing Request for Cement, Pulverized-fuel Ash (PFA) and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag(GGBS)(308KB)
2323 Testing Request for (Clay/Concrete/Nature rock/artificial granite)* Paving Blocks (1.604MB)
2403 Testing Request for Steel Bars  (791KB)
2404 Testing Request for Other Construction Material Samples (Except steel reinforcement bar)  (1.851MB)
2405 Testing Request for Cast Iron Drainage Goods  (52KB)
2411 Test Request for Measurement of Coating Thickness (1.04MB)
2412 Procedures for Requesting Sample Collection and Testing ServicesProvided by PWL Contract Laboratory (other than Soil Testing) (41KB)
2413 Testing Request for Reinforcement Connectors  (2.01MB)
2510 Test Request for Laboratory Soil Testing (136KB)
2511 Test Request for Insitu Soil Testing (613KB)
2601 Test Request for Cement Soil Cores (1.905MB)