The use of prefabricated steel reinforcing bar (rebar) products (e.g. cut and bent rebars, reinforcement cages and threaded/coupled rebars) produced in a highly automated off-site rebar prefabrication yard has been widely practiced in the construction industry overseas. This mode of rebar processing in a factory-like setting helps to enhance productivity, uplift built quality, improve construction safety and promote environmental performance.

To assure the quality of the prefabricated rebar products produced in the off-site rebar prefabrication yards for use in Government projects, the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is responsible for administering the "List of Approved Steel Reinforcing Bar Prefabrication Yards" (the List) according to Development Bureau Technical Circular (Works) No. 10/2018 "Quality Assurance for Use of Off-site Prefabricated Steel Reinforcing Bar Products", which includes assessment and approval of applications for admission to the List, together with management of the List and regulating the performance of the yards on the List.

Technical, Quality Assurance and Probity Requirements for Admission and Retention

A highly automated off-site rebar prefabrication yard may include the processes of (a) cutting and bending of rebars; (b) fabrication of reinforcement cages; and (c) threading of rebars and coupling with reinforcement connectors in the application for admission to the List. Subject to CEDD's assessment on the application, process (a) alone, or together with process(es) (b) and/or (c), may be allowed as the approved fabrication process(es) for an approved yard.  The List with the approved scope for the yards can be viewed by clicking  here.

For admission to the List, an off-site rebar prefabrication yard is required to be operated under a quality management system ("QMS") which shall include a traceability system for handling rebar materials (i.e. straight bars, coils and decoiled products) and prefabricated rebar products.  The rebar prefabrication yard shall also satisfy the technical and quality assurance requirements as stipulated in Appendix A of the above Technical Circular.

Further, the rebar prefabrication yard shall commit to ethical practices by documenting and implementing a pertinent code of conduct against bribery and other malpractices for all personnel including its directors, officers, employees and other personnel involved in its operation.  Such code of conduct shall cover aspects including but not limited to the prohibition of offering, solicitation and acceptance of advantages, avoidance and declaration of conflict of interest, etc.  

An Applicant, who must be the owner of a rebar prefabrication yard applying for admission to the List, shall submit his application and provide all necessary information specified in Appendix B of the above Technical Circular together with its code of conduct to CEDD (Attn: CGE/M&T) for assessment and approval.  All applications are required to satisfy the experience, staffing, technical, quality assurance criteria and the requirement on commitment to ethical practices for admission to the List.  All costs relating to the preparation of the submission shall be borne by the Applicant.

The approved yards are required to maintain the compliance with the relevant probity, technical and quality assurance requirements (e.g. valid quality and environmental management certificates are maintained) for retention on the List.  An approved yard shall seek CEDD's prior approval on any changes in the code of conduct.

For enquiries, please contact Contract Geotechnical Deputy Team Leader/Special Duties ( or 2762 5373) of the Materials and Testing Division.

Independent Audit Team

CEDD shall engage an Independent Audit Team (IAT) to monitor, inspect and audit the operation of the approved yards. The composition, qualification and experience, together with duties of the IAT can be viewed by clicking here.

Details of the current IAT Contract are given in here.