Construction and Demolition materials

Hong Kong is facing a challenge to handle a significant amount of Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials to be generated per year from local construction activities. A good proportion of these C&D materials are broken concrete and rock pieces which can be recycled into recycled aggregates and granular materials for use in construction works. It is the Government's determination to promote recycling and the use of recycled products as far as possible for sustainable development in Hong Kong and to help preserve the precious land fill and public fill capacities.

Existing Arrangement

The crushing plant is located at Tseung Kwan O Area 137 Fill Bank to produce G200 recycled rockfill.

Placing Order and Collection of Grade 200 Recycled Rockfill

Recycled Rockfill

Placing order and collection of grade 200 recycled rockfill are simple. Procedures are summarized in the flow charts for the ordering and collection of the materials.

1. For public works projectsdownload Flow Chart  (158KB) ;

2. For non-public works projects, download Flow Chart(174KB)

 Online Application

1. For Advance Order Form and  Advance Order Form for Non-public Works Projects, applicants need "iAM Smart" with digital signing function for the application. If applicants do not have this version of "iAM Smart", they can fill in the form online and print the filled form for signature and submission by email ( or by fax (no. (852) 2714 9481).

 2. For Ad Hoc Request Form, please print the filled form for signature and submit signed copy by fax (no. (852) 2623 9122).

Application by Fax or by Email

Advance Order Form (FM-RA-01),  Ad Hoc Request Form (FM-RA-02) and Advance Order Form for Non-public Works Projects (FM-RA-03) can be obtained:

1. downloaded from CEDD webpage 'Public Forms'  ; and

2. from CWDF Hotline (852) 2246 8220 via fax machine.

For Advance Order Form (FM-RA-01) or Advance Order Form for Non-public Works Projects (FM-RA-03), applicants can sign the filled form for submission by email ( or by fax (no. (852) 2714 9481).

For Ad Hoc Request Form (FM-RA-02), please sign the filled form for submission by fax (no. (852) 2623 9122).

Selective Demolition and On-site Sorting

Selective demolition

Only broken concrete and rock pieces are suitable for recycling with market value. Other inert hard C&D material such as asphalt, tiles, bricks and glass cannot be processed into acceptable and/or marketable products without further research development and change of local market acceptance criteria. To make it greener without the necessity to import more energy, it is desirable that only concrete and rock, not being mixed with any other non-recyclable materials, are delivered to the recycling facility. Separating the concrete and rock pieces from contaminants is extra onerous and not energy efficient. Selective demolition and on-site sorting should be adopted for all demolition projects to facilitate recycling as far as possible.


For any question or further information on the recycling of C&D materials, please contact Senior Engineer/Strategy 2 of Fill Management Division at