To minimize the dust effectively during transportation of construction waste and provide a safer working environment to the dump truck drivers, the Government has promulgated in step from 2007 that public works contracts must have their dump trucks installed with mechanical covers.

To promote the use of mechanical covers, the Government has reserved budget in those public works contracts which have adopted the Pay for Safety Scheme (PFSS) or Pay for Safety and Environment Scheme (PFSES) to pay the installation costs of mechanical covers on the dump trucks serving these contracts. The Government requires the contractors to pay to the owners of the concerned dump trucks serving the respective public works contracts (the payment is now being coordinated by CEDD). Dump Truck owners must have their dump trucks installed with mechanical covers and registered in the Scheme at CEDD.

The Scheme has been successfully completed on 16 October 2016. Since the implementation of the Scheme, it is encouraging that about 80% of dump trucks which dispose of construction waste at the CEDD's Designated Waste Disposal Facilities have installed mechanical covers.