No. Title Issue Date
1  Licensing of a Manufacturing Unit for Explosives at a Blast Site(114KB) Aug, 2019
2  Requirements for Approval of an Explosives Delivery Vehicle(278KB) Aug, 2019
3  Application and Handling of a Removal Permit for Mode B Store Licensees(258KB) Nov, 2019
4  Licensing and Operation of Mode B Stores(178KB) Nov, 2019
5  Approval of Non-blasting Explosives for Use in Hong Kong(99KB) Nov, 2019
6  Approval of Blasting Explosives for Use in Hong Kong (99KB) Nov, 2019
7  How to Apply for a Blasting Permit(272KB) Sep, 2019
8  How to Apply for a Mode A Store Licence for Storage of Blasting Explosives(349KB) Aug, 2019
9  Use of Decked Blasting(243KB) Aug, 2019
10  Vibration Monitoring(914KB) Aug, 2019