Infrastructure Works for Public Housing Development at Area 54, Tung Chung

Project Number:

Attachment 1

Brief Description of Project Scope:

The proposed scope of 781CL comprises the following supporting the public housing development at Area 54, Tung Chung –

a. construction of a new single two-lane carriageway, with footpaths, public transport lay-bys and a coach parking area, connecting to the junction of Ying Hei Road and Tung Chung Waterfront Road with the associated junction improvement works;
b. construction of sewers along the proposed new carriageway, Yi Tung Road, Man Tung Road and Chun Tung Street, and across the Airport Express Line, North Lantau Highway and Cheung Tung Road to the existing Tung Chung Sewage Pumping Station;
c. construction of footpaths, a cycle track, a cycle parking area, amenity areas and bus lay-bys to the north of Ying Hei Road; and
d. ancillary works including drainage, waterworks and landscaping works.


$201 million

Completion Date:

December 2020

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

Sustainable Lantau Office (Enquiry: 2231 4408)