Hung Shui Kiu/Ha Tsuen New Development Area - First Phase Development (Advance Works, Phases 1 & 2)

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Brief Description of Project Scope:

The project comprises construction for the site formation and engineering infrastructure works under Advance Works Phases 1 & 2 to support the First Phase development, and detailed design and site investigation for site formation and engineering infrastructure works under Advance Works Phase 3 to support the Second Phase development.

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

West Development Office (Enquiry: 2158 5680)


Agreement No. CE 39/2016 (CE) - "Hung Shui Kiu New Development Area Advance Works, Phases 1 & 2 - Design and Construction"
- AECOM Asia Company Limited

Approved Project Estimate:

$495.9 million

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Current Progress:

Advance Works Phase 1 is being carried out by CEDD term contract under Contract No. ED/2020/01 as minor works.  Advance Works Phase 2 under Contract No. YL/2019/02 has also commenced in August 2020. 


Contract No. YL/2019/02


(a) site clearance and formation (including land decontamination works) for about 2.6 hectares of land, together with the provision of associated engineering infrastructure;

(b) construction of local roads including a one-lane two-way carriageway of about 330 metres (m) long with passing bays connecting Tsing Yick Road to Ng Lau Road;

(c) construction of about 340 m long sewer;

(d) construction of about 1 500 m long water mains; and

(e) implementation of environmental mitigation measures for the works mentioned above.

Commencement Date: 17 August 2020

Completion Date: Q3 2024

Contract Sum: $112 million


Adrian Construction Limited

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