Tung Chung New Town Extension

Project Number:

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Brief Description of Project Scope:

The project is to further develop the Tung Chung New Town (TCNT) into a comprehensively planned new town with a larger population capacity and adequate local and regional community facilities. The project comprises mainly:

  1. Reclamation works for about 130 hectares (ha) of land including construction of associated seawall and eco-shoreline for the development of  Tung Chung New Town Extension (TCNTE) at Tung Chung East and a primary distributor road (Road P1);
  2. Site formation works for about 10 ha of land for the development of TCNTE at Tung Chung West;
  3. Engineering infrastructure works including roads, footbridges, drainage, sewerage, waterworks, sewage and salt water pumping stations, fresh water and salt water service reservoirs, and flood protection measures;
  4. Provision of new cycle tracks connection to the existing cycle track network;
  5. De-channelization of the channelized portion of Tung Chung Stream and provision of a river park;
  6. Landscaping, reprovisioning and ancillary works; and
  7. Environmental mitigation measures including noise barriers for the works mentioned in (i) to (vi) above.

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

Sustainable Lantau Office (Enquiry: 2231 4408)


Agreement No. CE 69/2015 (CE) – “Tung Chung New Town Extension (East) – Design and Construction”
- AECOM Asia Company Limited

Agreement No. CE 70/2015 (CE) – “Tung Chung New Town Extension (West) – Design and Construction”
- Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited

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Current Progress:

The detailed design of site formation and infrastructure works under TCNTE development commenced in 2016 in phases for target completion of works in 2030.  Reclamation works (Contract No. NL/2017/03) are in progress.


Contract No. NL/2017/03



The contract mainly comprises reclamation of the seabed at Tung Chung East by non-dredging methods to form a total of about 130 hectares of land; construction of seawalls with eco-shorelines; construction of a multi-cell drainage box culvert; provision of infrastructure for Tung Chung Area 58; and implementation of the associated environmental mitigation measures.

Commencement Date:

29 December 2017

Completion Date:


Awarded Sum:

$12,076 million


Build King-SCT Joint Venture


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