Development of a Bathing Beach at Lung Mei, Tai Po

Project Number:

Attachment 1

Brief Description of Project Scope:

The project scope includes the following:

  1. 200m long beach with a groin at each end of the beach
  2. a beach building
  3. refuse collection point; outdoor shower facilities, lookout towers and shark prevention net
  4. a fee-paying public car park for about 70 private cars, 7 motorcycles and 3 coaches
  5. 100 bicycle parking spaces
  6. associated footpaths, retaining walls, drainage works, sewerage and landscaping works

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

Civil Engineering Office (Enquiry: 2762 5532)

Approved Project Estimate:

$208.2 million

Current Progress:

The works under the Lung Mei Bathing Beach project were resumed on 7 October 2016 and was completed.


Contract No. CV/2012/05

Scope: The works include construction of a 200-metre long bathing beach with a groyne at each end, a shark prevention net; a public car park; retaining walls; and the associated roadworks, drainage and sewerage works.
Commencement Date: 18 June 2013
Completion Date: 31 August 2020
Contract Sum: $74 million
Contractor: Welcome Construction Co., Ltd.