Improvement works at Mui Wo

Project Number:

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Brief Description of Project Scope:

Phase 1 works include:

  1. a 230-metre (m) long and 11.5-m wide segregated pedestrian walkway and cycle track along the waterfront between Mui Wo Cooked Food Market and River Silver
  2. a 35-m long and 4.8-m wide footbridge across River Silver
  3. a civic square near Mui Wo old town with associated landscaped area, recreational and leisure facilities and a performance venue
  4. 7 amenity areas in villages at Mui Wo
  5. ancillary works including signage, landscaping, drainage and utilities works

Phase 2 Stage 1 works include:

  1. realignment of Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road and extension of existing car park
  2. ancillary works including slope works, signage, landscaping, drainage and utilities works

Remaining phases include:

  1. reprovisioning of new cooked food market and covered cycle parking area
  2. improvement to south waterfront promenade
  3. reprovisioning of cargo loading and unloading area
  4. enhancement of Entrance Plaza
  5. improvement/provision of cycle tracks and heritage trails in Mui Wo

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

Sustainable Lantau Office (Enquiry: 2231 4408)


Jacobs China Limited

Approved Project Estimate:

$193 million (for phase 1 works)
$72 million (for phase 2 stage 1 works)

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Construction completed (phase 1 works)
Construction completed (phase 2 stage 1 works)

Current Progress:

For details of phase 1 works and phase 2 stage 1 works, please refer to  For the remaining phases, planning and design works are ongoing.