Infrastructure works for housing sites adjacent to Lung Ping Road at Tai Wo Ping, Shek Kip Mei

Project Number:

Attachment 1

Brief Description of Project Scope:

  1. construction of a single two-lane road of about 0.45 kilometre (km) long on bridge structures (Bridges Nos. 2 to 4) and at-grade connecting the vehicular ingress/ egress point of Site No. LS-SSP-0013 with the westbound carriageway of Lung Cheung Road;
  2. construction of two single lane roads of total length about 0.53 km on bridge structure (Bridge No. 1) and at-grade connecting the eastbound carriageway of Lung Cheung Road and the abovementioned proposed single two-lane road;
  3. geotechnical works, including slope stabilisation works, check dam and retaining walls;
  4. ancillary works including associated footpaths, vehicle ingress/egress points, drainage, sewerage, water mains and landscaping works; and
  5. provision of necessary environmental mitigation measures and implementation of an environmental monitoring and audit programme associated with the above works.


$781 million

Completion Date:

June 2017

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

South Development Office (Enquiry: 2301 1486)