Trunk Road T4 and Associated Works

Project Number:

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Brief Description of Project Scope:

The works mainly include:

  1. construction of a dual two-lane trunk road approximately 2.3 kilometres in length with slip roads connecting Shing Mun Tunnel Road / Tsing Sha Highway and Sha Tin Road;
  2. widening of a section of Sha Tin Road approximately 150 metres in length from a dual two-lane to a dual four-lane carriageway;
  3. construction of elevated footpaths across Che Kung Miu Road and the proposed trunk road near Sha Tin Tau Village, and an elevated footpath cum cycle track across Lion Rock Tunnel Road and Shing Mun River Channel; and
  4. ancillary works including geotechnical, drainage, sewerage, water, utilities, lighting, landscaping, electrical and mechanical works, construction/reconstruction/demolition of noise barriers, construction of retaining walls and slope improvement works.

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

East Development Office (Enquiry: 3842 7098)


AECOM Asia Co. Ltd.

Current Progress:

Design works is in progress.

Other Related Information:

Gazette Date

16 December 2022 and
23 December 2022

26 November 2021 and
3 December 2021

Authorisation of Scheme
G.N. 7185

Scheme (Road Works)
G.N. 7314

- Scheme

- Plan No. 60579757/GAZ/100-106

- Plan No. STM10485 (Sheet 1 to 4)

- Plan No. STM10495

- Plan No. STM10502