Footbridge across Po Yap Road linking Tseung Kwan O Area 55 and Area 65

Project Number:

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Brief Description of Project Scope:

This project is to provide a footbridge across Po Yap Road to connect Tseung Kwan O Area 65 to Area 55 so that Area 65 will be connected with the future grade-separated pedestrian network serving Tseung Kwan O Areas 55, 56, 57, 59 and 66. The project comprises construction of:

  1. a covered footbridge of approximately 32m long and 5m clear width linking "Bauhinia Garden" in Area 65 and "The Grandiose" in Area 55;
  2. lift facilities; and
  3. associated footpath, cycle track, drainage, landscape and E&M works.


$80.5 million

Completion Date:

13 September 2016

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

East Development Office