Site Formation and Infrastructure Works for the Development of ex­-Cha Kwo Ling Kaolin Mine Site (Phase 2)

Project Number:

Attachment 1

Brief Description of Project Scope:

The works mainly comprise:

(a) site clearance and formation, as well as construction of related retaining walls and slopes;
(b) construction of a carriageway with associated footpaths to connect Ko Ling Road and the development of ex-Cha Kwo Ling Kaolin Mine Site (Phase 2), and associated improvement works for nearby roads; and
(c) associated ancillary works including drainage works, sewerage works, waterworks and roadside greening works.

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

South Development Office


AECOM Asia Co. Ltd.

Approved Project Estimate:

$675.6 million

Current Progress:

Construction commenced in July 2023.


Contract No. SD/2022/02
Scope Same as project scope above plus the advance works for the Project of Site Formation and Infrastructure Works for Public Housing Development at Cha Kwo Ling Village, Kowloon East
Commencement Date 31 July 2023
Completion Date 2027
Contract Sum Around $680 million


Vibro Joint Venture (SD/2022/02)

Other Related Information:

Gazette Date Subject
4 September 2015 & 11 September 2015

Authorization of Scheme

29 May 2015 & 5 June 2015