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Fill Management
Form for Sand Permit:
No. Title Further Information
Application for Sand Removal Permit Download PDF (269KB)
Application for Hong Kong Natural Sand Final User Certificate Download PDF (689KB)
Sample of the Letter of Commitment Download PDF (93KB)

Form for Dumping Licence:
No. Title Further Information
Application for dumping licence Download PDF (406KB)

Forms for Pay for Safety Scheme or Pay for Safety and Environment Scheme (hereinafter called Scheme)
No. Title Further Information
5 Invitation Letter of the Scheme (Application period has ended.) -
6 Application Form for the Scheme (Application period has ended.) -
7 Conditions for the Scheme Download PDF (32KB)
8 Purpose of Collecting Personal Data Download PDF (26KB)
9 Application Form for Leaving the Scheme (Form A) Download PDF (26KB)
10 Notification Form of Change of Personal, Vehicle and Ownership Data (Form B) Download PDF (64KB)
11 Authorization Form for Cheque Collection (Form C) Download PDF (28KB)
12 Payment Receipt Record (Applicable for Contractor) (Form D) (To be provided later)