Civil Engineering and Development Department 15th Anniversary Celebratory Event

01/01/2019 - 31/12/2019

On 1 July 2004, the Civil Engineering Department merged with the Territory Development Department to form the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD).  We celebrate the 15th Anniversary of CEDD and has organised a series of events to share our joy with the public.

CEDD 15th Anniversary Theme Song - "CEDD - We Engineer Hong Kong's Development"

To commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the establishment of the CEDD, a theme song called "CEDD - We Engineer Hong Kong's Development" has been written by the CEDD Music Group. This theme song delivers the vision and mission that our colleagues will strive to contribute our very best in working together to create a better future for Hong Kong. 

15th Anniversary Theme Song Music Video:

15th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

We have conducted a 15th Anniversary Logo Design Competition in May/June 2018.  The winning design was selected in July 2018.  It is used in various functions to mark the 15th anniversary of our Department.

15th Anniversary Slogan Competition

We have conducted a 15th Anniversary Slogan Competition in October 2018.  The winning slogan was selected in November 2018.





Hong Kong Flower Show

The Hong Kong Flower Show 2019 was held between 15 and 24 March at Victoria Park.  We participated in this public event with CEDD's Display in the theme "Development • Our Dream" to echo with the organiser's theme "When Dreams Blossom".  Both the finishing details and materials used were well thought out so as to signify our department's commitment to creating a safe, green and sustainable environment.  The Show attracted over 630 000 visitors.

Roving Exhibition

As a celebration of the significant milestones of the 15th anniversary of the CEDD and the 90th anniversary of its Port Works Division, we organised a roving exhibition from March to September 2019. Through texts, videos and precious old photos, the public could review the history and development of CEDD and its Port Works Division, and to understand CEDD's future development, including promulgation of "Lantau Tomorrow Vision", tasks in combating climate change, etc.. The roving exhibition venues included Hong Kong Museum of History, Times Square, Tuen Mun Town Hall, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, Hong Kong Cultural Center, Trade and Industry Tower, D-park and the Civil and Engineering Development Building.  The total patronage was over 71,000.  The full set of the exhibition panels could be found in the enclosed document.


Document Link
Exhibition Panel PDF

STEM Education Day Camp

The STEM Education Day Camp was successfully held on 30 August 2019 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) with about 70 students from 13 secondary schools.  The Day Camp comprised fruitful activities including talks delivered by professional engineers, laboratory testing workshops and laboratory tour in the HKUST.  This event provided a valuable opportunity for the students to deepen their understanding about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and the engineering profession.


CEDD Corporate Video

The CEDD Corporate Video is often broadcasted in publicity events such as exhibitions, conferences and seminars etc., for promotion and presentation purposes.  It does not only provide a succinct introduction to the works of the Department, but also shows our dedication and achievements in striving engineering excellence.  On the occasion of CEDD's 15th Anniversary, we took the opportunity to produce a new Corporate Video.  The video highlights our four major areas of services and the achievements of the Department in recent years.

Cantonese (Long version):

Cantonese (Short version):

Face-lifting of CEDD Departmental Website

We have carried out face-lifting of our departmental website ( to provide a modern and attractive outlook and to enhance the mobile accessibility of the website.

CEDD 15th Anniversary ENGINEER Talks Special Series – Experience Sharing by Retired Senior Directorates

We have invited 6 retired senior directorates including Ir CHENG Ting-ning, Albert, Ir Prof LAU Ching-kwong, Prof KO Chan-gock, William, Ir CHAN Kin-sek, Raymond, Ir Prof CHOW Che-king and Ir Prof LEE Shing-see as speakers of the ENGINEER Talks in September to November 2019.  Not only the talks inherit engineering knowledge, but also encourage the serving engineers to strive for excellence and continuous improvement through sharing of valuable experience and suggestions of the speakers.  The talks were well received and we had over 100 participants for each session.  There were fruitful interactions among colleagues and speakers.

Team Building Workshops

Civil Service Training and Development Institute has assisted to arrange a series of team building workshop dedicated for our colleagues.  Through a variety of game activities, colleagues could get to know each other better and enhance their communication and innovative problem solving skills.  The atmosphere of the events were warm.  Participants were very engaged and enjoyed the activities and interaction.  The experience will help everyone cooperate with each other in their future work.


Departmental Report 2015-19

Besides the above events, we have published the Departmental Report 2015-2019 for introducing the structure, works, projects and community events of the Department.  The report could be found at the following links:

English version :

Traditional Chinese version :

Simplified Chinese version :