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Yuen Long New Town
Yuen Long New Town

Yuen Long New Town Development in 1978

Yuen Long New Town Development in 1995

Yuen Long New Town Development in 2008


Yuen Long is another new town having a traditional market town background. Its present population of 160000* is expected to grow to around 196000 upon full development. The total development area is about 561 hectares. With the improvement in the external transportation network, including the commissioning of the West Rail System, Route 3 and the Hong Kong / Shenzhen Western Corridor, the status of Yuen Long New Town, as the transportation hub of the North West New Territories has been further strengthened.

Development of the new town has been completed while development in the new town fringe areas continues. In addition, the engineering infrastructure works including the road network in Yuen Long South Extension were completed, providing opportunities for sustaining further developments in the areas. The river training and flood protection works undertaken by CEDD in Yuen Long area were completed; thus alleviating the flooding problem in the area.

*According to Fact Sheet "New Towns, New Development Areas and Urban Developments" published in December 2015 ( http://www.cedd.gov.hk/eng/publications/fact_sheet/fact_hk.html )