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Welcome Message
Acting Director of Civil Engineering and Development Mr LAU Chun-kit, Ricky, JP

Welcome to the homepage of the Civil Engineering and Development Department.

With the commitment of the HKSAR Government to speed up infrastructure development for promoting economic growth, we are actively undertaking the planning and implementation of various major development projects spanning the territory. The coming years will be very challenging to us when we shall bring these projects to fruition and enhance our services to the community at the same time. I believe we can rise to the challenge with our professional and dedicated colleagues working as a team.

We are committed to providing high quality civil engineering services to meet Hong Kong's development needs. To this end, we are taking forward our initiatives under our Strategic Plan to strive for excellence in engineering Hong Kong's development and realise our Vision, Mission and Values.

You will find brief details of our four major areas of services in the following links –

I hope you find our website interesting and informative. You are most welcome to share with us your views.

Mr LAU Chun-kit, Ricky, JP
Director of Civil Engineering and Development