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Special Duties (Works) Division
Special Duties (Works) Division

The Special Duties (Works) Division undertakes project management for high expenditure projects with support of multi-disciplinary professional teams, mainly in civil engineering. It comprises two main Units, namely the Housing Projects Unit and the Special Duties Unit. The Housing Projects Unit is mainly responsible for undertaking the feasibility studies for formation of land and provision of infrastructures to cater for public housing developments. The Special Duties Unit is currently engaged in the following major projects:

  1. Ocean Park Tai Shue Wan Project – The Project Team is responsible for the co-ordination and liaison with relevant parties and Government departments to provide technical and engineering advice to facilitate the implementation of the Tai Shue Wan Project by the Ocean Park Corporation, and overseeing any necessary complementary public works in support of the Project.

  2. Aberdeen Tourism Project – The Project Team is responsible for the design and construction of the uplifting works to the Aberdeen Promenades and Ap Lei Chau Promenade on both sides of the Aberdeen Harbour as well as Ap Lei Chau Main Street and adjacent streets. The uplifting works mainly include engineering and architectural improvement works to existing soft and hard landscaping; and the associated beautification works.

  3. Development at Anderson Road – The Project Team is responsible for the formation of about 20 hectares of platforms for housing development, school development and other uses, including associated infrastructure works such as roadworks, slopeworks, drainage and sewerage works, waterworks, landscaping works and environmental mitigation.

  4. Ground Decontamination Works at the Site of Ex-Kennedy Town Incineration Plant/Abattoir and Adjoining Area - The Project Team is responsible for the formation of about 3.2 hectares land for future development by demolishing all buildings and structures, and cleaning up the underground contaminated soil at the Kennedy Town site.