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Survey Division
Survey Division

The following are the services provided by Survey Division:

  • Engineering and Marine Survey Consultancy

    Survey Division provides professional advice on and technical support to all kinds of engineering and marine surveys. The Division undertakes survey planning and design; prepares survey specifications and method statements; evaluates survey methods and products and manages survey contracts.

  • Site Survey

    This is a topographic survey for engineering feasibility study and design, geotechnical study, slope safety and interim records at all stages of civil engineering works. It also includes surveys for areas of special archaeological and scientific interest, and of special engineering requirements.

  • Contract Survey

    This is carried out in connection with works contracts including the provision of survey controls, checking contractor's surveys, earthwork computation and record surveys.

  • Hydrographic and Marine Geophysical Survey

    This is carried out to support dredging and reclamation projects; determine filling/ dredging quantities; outline seabed terrain & sub-seabed profiles; locate underwater objects; ensure underkeel clearance of fairways; and check the integrity and performance of coastal infrastructures, including breakwaters, seawalls, etc.

  • Monitoring Survey

    This is carried out to monitor ground and structure movements as well as ground water levels. It also includes the application of inclinometer, tiltmeter, piezometer and distometer in monitoring.

  • Photogrammetric Survey

    Survey Division collaborates with the Photogrammetric and Air Survey Section of the Survey and Mapping Office (SMO), Lands Department for both aerial (vertical and oblique) and terrestrial surveys. When necessary, the Division will liaise with SMO in acquiring the necessary photos for engineering planning, earthwork computation, progress monitoring of construction sites and deformation monitoring of breakwaters, rubble mound structure, dangerous sites, etc.

    Survey Division also offers photogrammetric surveys for mapping inaccessible or dangerous sites, monitoring rubble mound structures, earthwork computation of quarries, etc.

  • Emergency Survey

    Survey Division carries out emergency survey e.g. upon collapse of seawalls and breakwaters and forensic landslide investigation during natural disasters arising from major landslides and rockfall incidents. The work includes collection of topographic information, recording the landslide extent, earthwork computation and stability monitoring.

  • Terrestrial Laser Scanning Survey

    Survey Division makes use of laser scanning technology to capture profiles of landslides (including emergency survey), conduct monitoring surveys, measure dip angles and directions of rock joints, conduct image analysis, perform heritage recordings, etc

  • Computer Animation

    Survey Division produces computer animation for civil engineering projects, which provides better presentation, enables visual impact assessment, facilitates public consultation, etc. Products include flythrough animation, walkthrough animation, slideshows and photomontages, etc.

  • GIS Consultancy

    Survey Division provides professional advice and technical support to GIS applications in analysis, management and modelling of geographic data.