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Landslide Studies


Natural terrain landslides which occurred near Tai O, Lantau in June, 2008

Natural Terrain Landslide Studies

As part of its effort to improve slope safety in Hong Kong, the GEO is carrying out Natural Terrain Landslide Studies. Coordinated by EG Section with input from GS and PTE Sections, these studies have been investigating the nature and occurrence of landslides on natural terrain with the objective of being better able to predict the occurrence of such events. One component of these studies has been the establishment of a landslide database - the Enhanced Natural Terrain Landslide Inventory or ENTLI. This contains basic details of approximately 109,000 features identified from aerial photographs as landslides. A guidance document for natural terrain hazard studies has been produced which proposes a systematic approach to the study, evaluation and mitigation of such hazards.