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Study on Long-term Strategy for Cavern Development

In March 2011, we completed a study on the “Enhanced Use of Underground Space in Hong Kong – Feasibility Study” to facilitate planned development of underground space, aiming at promoting the enhanced use of rock caverns as part of Hong Kong’s pursuit of sustainable development.  The study reviewed the history and current status of the underground space usage in Hong Kong and overseas, benchmarked Hong Kong’s situation with the practice elsewhere, and examined opportunities for underground space development in Hong Kong. The study identified the land uses with potential for development in rock caverns as well as strategic areas for future cavern development in Hong Kong. Recommendations were made to promote and develop the enhanced use of rock caverns in Hong Kong so as to release land for other uses.

To maintain the impetus of the cavern development initiative, we commenced a new study on the ‘Long-term Strategy for Cavern Development’ in September 2012 to formulate a long-term strategy for cavern development. The study will formulate policy guidelines to facilitate cavern development for both public and private sectors, prepare Cavern Master Plans to reserve strategic areas for cavern development and formulate a systematic relocation programme for suitable Government facilities. The study will also review related technical issues, develop mechanisms for private sector participation, formulate a framework for separate ownership of surface and cavern developments for future land disposals, and carry out public engagement and consultation with relevant stakeholders.

For details, please visit the project website : www.cavern.gov.hk.

A task under the Study on Long-term Strategy for Cavern Development