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Planning Division

The Planning Division provides geological and other earth science services to Government and the public. It also carries out research and development aimed at improving our knowledge and understanding of the geological framework for Hong Kong on its implication and applications for engineering activities. The Division is divided into five Sections, which specialise in geological mapping, engineering geology, terrain evaluation, marine geotechnology, as well as cavern and underground space developments. The five Sections are closely inter-linked with many tasks and multidisciplinary studies involving teams of expertise.

The major research and development tasks of the Planning Division are primarily focused at improving slope safety, as well as cavern and underground space developments. These include studies of landslides in natural terrain and detailed engineering geological mapping of development areas. Routine tasks of the Division include the assessment of natural terrain hazards, input to land use planning, continuous updating of geological maps and associated databases, and contributions to consolidated comments on engineering feasibility studies.