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Mines Division

The Director of Civil Engineering and Development is also the Commissioner of Mines (CoM). The CoM is a specified Authority under the Dangerous Goods Ordinance Cap 295 (DGO) and the Mining Ordinance (Cap 285), and related subsidiary legislation. Mines Division exercises powers vested in the CoM and performs duties imposed on the CoM under the legislation.

The main responsibilities of Mines Division include the regulatory control of the manufacture, storage, conveyance and use of Category 1 Dangerous Goods (explosives) under the Dangerous Goods Ordinance (Cap 295) and mining operations under the Mining Ordinance (Cap 285), and the safe operation of quarries under the Quarries (Safety) Regulations (Cap 59F). It is also responsible for the planning and management of quarrying contracts, and related quarry studies.

Anderson Road Quarry Lam Tei Quarry Kau Shat Wan Explosives Depot Fireworks
Opencast Blasting Site (MTRC Kwun Tong Line Extension - Ho Man Tin Station) Tunnel Blasting Site (HK Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Link Road- Scenic Hill Tunnel) Site Crusher Site magazine

Under the Mines (Safety) Regulations (Cap 285B), the Superintendent of Mines, who is also the Chief Geotechnical Engineer/Mines, is responsible for issuing Mine Blasting Certificates which permit shot firers to use explosives for blasting.

In relation to explosives, Mines Division:

  • audits blasting assessment reports and method statements for blasting projects, and is responsible for issuing Blasting and Storage Permits and inspecting blast sites and temporary explosives stores
  • manages the Government Explosives Depots, which provide storage facilities for imported explosives
  • regulates the control of storage and conveyance of non blasting explosives, such as those used for fireworks displays, life saving, scientific research, fire fighting, sporting arms, and industrial fastening tools
  • regulates the control of the conveyance of blasting explosives, including delivery from Government Explosives Depots to blasting sites, and supervises the security of explosives during delivery to the place of storage or use
  • manages two purpose-built vessels and a fleet of trucks for the delivery of explosives
  • provides technical support on matters relating to the discharge of fireworks on land and at sea to the Secretary for Home Affairs and Director of Marine, respectively, who are the authorities for these matters under the Dangerous Goods Ordinance.

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In relation to quarries, Mines Division is responsible for the management and rehabilitation of rock quarries in Hong Kong. Currently, it manages a quarry at Lam Tei (Tuen Mun). Lam Tei Quarry supplies aggregates and rock products to the local construction industry. It also processes surplus rock generated from local construction projects to produce aggregates. As an on-going exercise, the division carries out feasibility studies for Hong Kong's future aggregates and rock products supplies, including searching for potential quarry sites.

If you wish to obtain more information on the work of Mines Division or have comments relating to our services, please contact Lorne Woodrow, Chief Geotechnical Engineer/Mines.

Telephone: (852) 2716 8640
E-mail address: lornewoodrow@cedd.gov.hk