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About Us

Landslip Preventive Measures Division 3
Contact Person : Mr Y Lam , Chief Geotechnical Engineer
Address : LG1 Floor, Civil Engineering and Development Building, 101 Princess Margaret Road, Homantin, Kowloon.
Telephone : 2762 5469
Fax : 2711 5726
E-mail : ylam@cedd.gov.hk

  • The Landslip Preventive Measures Division 3 consists of a Works (W) Section and three Consultant Management (CM) Sections.
  • The Works Section prepares tender documents, calls tenders, analyses tenders and supervises in-house landslip prevention and mitigation works that are mainly designed by GEO's Landslip Preventive Measures Division 2. This Section is also responsible for maintaining and updating a library of sample tender documents for landslip prevention and mitigation works contracts which serves as reference material for both in-house and consultants’ project staff.

Before LPM Works
Upgrading works to a steep rock cut slope
After Upgrading Works
Preservation of trees during upgrading of
an old masonry retaining wall

  • The Works Section also carries out ongoing second-party audits on works in consultants-administered contracts. Experienced inspectorate staff carry out regular audits on soil nail installation and grouting works. This ensures that our soil nailing works are carried out to a uniform and consistent standard amongst all consultant and in-house administered contracts.
  • As part of the measures used to accelerate the LPM programme, we have since 1995, employed consultants to carry out geotechnical studies, design of preventive works, preparation of contract documents and supervision of construction. These consultants are managed by the CM Sections. The duties of CM Sections include reviewing and monitoring of works progress and programming for all associated assignments to their consultants in relation to upgrading slopes/retaining walls, expenditure control and coordination with other Government Departments.

Before LPM Works
Soil cut slope upgraded by
installation of soil nails
After Upgrading Works
Upgrading of a fill slope by excavation of loose materials and re-compaction of suitable material