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Geotechnical Projects Division
Geotechnical Support for Government Projects
With a dedicated team of professional and technical staff, Geotechnical Projects Division provides geotechnical advisory services to works departments on feasibility studies, investigations, design and construction supervision for a wide range of Government projects. Major clients include Drainage Services Department, Highways Department, and other offices of Civil Engineering and Development Department. We also provide advisory services to Water Supplies Department, Architectural Services Department, Home Affairs Department, and Lands Department. Typical geotechnical works include:
  • slopes & retaining walls
  • foundations
  • reclamation
  • ground anchors
  • deep excavations
  • tunnels
  • ground improvement works
  • natural terrain landslide risk assessment and design of mitigation works
  • reinforced fill & use of geosynthetics
  • geotechnical aspects of landfills
  • assessment and mitigation of the effects of blasting

We provide geotechnical assistance on ground investigation, laboratory testing, design memorandum, option assessment, detailed design and contract specifications as well as land development scheme. The Geotechnical Projects Division is also responsible for carrying out technical and personnel assessments of contractors who apply for inclusion onto the List of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works in the category of Ground Investigation Field Work. The list is available at the Development Bureau website.

During the construction stage, we provide qualified site supervision on geotechnical works to ensure safe and satisfactory execution of the proposed design.

Site Formation Works in Tuen Mun Area 54
Site Formation Works in Tuen Mun Area 54

Construction of Retaining Walls and Embankment Slopes for the Regulation of Shenzhen River Stage 4 (Advance Works)
Construction of Retaining Walls and Embankment Slopes for the Regulation of Shenzhen River Stage 4 (Advance Works)

In addition, we provide “clinic” advice to departments at any stage of their projects to deal with geotechnical problems which arise in the course of their projects.

As part of the ongoing technical responsibilities of the Geotechnical Engineering Office, the Division also manages the system for certification of reinforced fill products used in Hong Kong.

The Division also provides consultant management service for in-house LPM Branch to enhance delivery of the LPMit Programme for investigation, design and construction of landslip preventive measures for government slopes and hazard mitigation measures for natural terrains.

Implementation of Tunnel / Cavern Related Projects

The Division is responsible for the implementation of tunnel / cavern related projects for government departments. These tunnel / cavern related projects develop the underground space for different uses and free up land to allow better urban developments.

Tunnel / cavern related projects for utilization of underground space
Tunnel / cavern related projects for utilization of underground space

Ground Investigation and Geophysical Survey Services

The Division provides services to government departments for ground investigation and geophysical survey. These services are provided through term contracts with specialist contractors.

Ground Investigation Note No. 1/2017 Download PDF (189KB) provides guidance to Government departments and their consultants on the ways to make the best use of the ground investigation, geophysical survey as well as soil and rock laboratory testing services provided by the GEO. For further information, please contact the Ground Investigation 1 Section or the Ground Investigation 2 Section of the division as follows:

Consult Event Contact
  • Land-based Ground Investigation
  • Marine Ground Investigation
  • Geophysical Survey
Ground Investigation 1 Section & 2 Section
Geotechnical Projects Division
23rd Floor, 410 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong.
Tel: 2716 8612; Fax: 2715 7572

For further information of the services of Geotechnical Projects Division, please contact Chief Geotechnical Engineering / Geotechnical Projects at anthonylam@cedd.gov.hk or telephone 2762 5300.